Sunday, April 18, 2021


Multimedia News Content Leader in Washington since 1996


FedNet has produced written transcripts of Congress, the Administration and news events for over 20 years. Our verbatim transcripts have been provided to leading news organizations around the country, assuring through experience, accuracy at well-established industry standards.

Newsworthy transcripts are available at reasonable rates and at fast turnaround times no matter the duration of the event or interview. Covering the gamut from think tank events to congressional hearings, briefings and press conferences, to Trump administration coverage and campaign events, FedNet is a long-established provider of congressional transcripts in Washington.

FedNet offers affordable, fast and reliable delivery at industry-standard same day, one day and longer turnaround windows. All work is produced, proofed and professionally edited to ensure that all speakers are accounted with accurate verbatim.

FedNet's PluralityFedNet’s Plurality Breaking News Transcript Service went live in October 2020, set to feature fast verbatim text from news events related to the presidential election.

Are you looking for an event from the past or the future? FedNet handles custom one-off requests. Call us at (202) 393-7300 ext. 700 orĀ email us for information on pricing and availability.